Classes categorize a player, by adding certain abilities to the players arsenal. So far the classes would be: Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Bard, Brawler, Rune Warrior, Gun slinger, Ninja, Archer, Shaman. There will be more released with major events, such as the paladins or dark knights might be released in a certain event, and maybe summoners and berserkers in another.

Classes make up a charatcer in many ways because it means if a player fights with a sword or a staff, whether a player heals in a war or goes around throwing poison. the differences are great. When creating a character pick carefully, it will mean the characters role in the game, as it is called a role playing game though.

Classes add abilities through the levels, quests, points, scrolls, books and many other things including trainers, boss hunts and raids.

The final thing is that classes make a role of a chaarcter, affect their skills, have certain advantages and disadvantages and can even get a player killed or not.