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Welcome to TQLARP

The Quest Wiki is to explain everything about the LARP (live action role play)that will come when I collect enough money to open it. Until then, this wiki will be information storage for the LARP. The wiki is also for all of us to work together to create a comprehensive database for all soon to be TQ Larpers.


  • The TQLARP Wiki Opens!!!

LARP?! Is that a swear?!Edit

What is LARP? What is The Quest? Why is there a wiki for it?

1. LARP (Live-Action-Role-Playing) is escapism, it's where you become your charcter for a play session, and you roleplay your character, progress through the levels, gain magic items, learn new skills and spells, gather gold and become a legend.

2.The Quest (TQ) is a LARP that is soon to come out, I just have to wait another 8 years for me to be 18 and for me to get up enough money (around 1000 dollars probably) and then it will be out, either in Florida or Maine, which ever state I'm in.

3.The wiki is for me to store my info and for people to get excited. Its also for me to be able to remember things easier and acces them easier.